Dedicated IP Address

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Select VIABLEHOST for your business Dedicated IP Address. Learn more about the benefits, security and availability of having a Dedicated IP Address today!

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Dedicated IP Address

Protect your business data with a Dedicated IP Address from VIABLEHOST.  Learn more about the benefits of dedicated VS. shared IP addresses and what it means for your business.

Hosting a website with a Dedicated IP means that your websites is identified with a unique address.  As the unique identifier, it gives data about the location of the computer or site and which network it is connected to. Sharing and IP address puts extra work on the server, as it must decide where the user’s request is meant to go.  Sharing can also mean increased risk for security breaches and more.

The Benefits of a Dedicated IP Address

VIABLEHOST Dedicated IP services provide higher stability, availability and security. Your website or data is not open to the potential threat that other shared users may pose.  This is also incredibly beneficial for your businesses’ reputation and identity in the online realm, provide more credibility for email senders and heightened security for sensitive information.

Dedicated IP Services by VIABLEHOST

Our packages include industry leading technology and support, protecting your investments and business integrity.  With guaranteed 24 /7 technical support and our one hour response promise, your business is protected around the clock.  The transition to a Dedicated IP Address is seamless with our experienced professionals, providing integrated service and support for all of your data and applications.

VIABLEHOST hosting packages and related services are a great fit for businesses of all sizes, ranging from e-commerce solutions to publishers and more.  Our unique approach mirrors the services we provide – Secure, available and reliable when you need it most.  In today’s world, security is money and your data cannot afford to be compromised.  Moving to a Dedicated IP ensures your integrity is preserved and your risk of compromise is limited.

Get started today with a free consultation, and build the services that meet your unique needs and budget.  Call VIABLEHOST now!

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